The themes of Transcendence 2018

One of the key events of Transcendence is its annual conference conceptualised and executed by the students of the OD & Change Management program. The two-day event to be held at the TISS Convention Center, wishes to showcase the transformational work undertaken by organisations. Along with the industry, it desires to capture and highlight the work of the unsung heroes of the social sector, bringing revolutionary changes in rural/marginalised segments of the country.

The intention of the conference therefore is transcend to truly transform. With a contemporary set of themes, with Transcendence we hope to create an experience of rising above and moving beyond what is – to explore the untouched domains. Transcendence’ 18 is the second of the series of annual conferences where current & future leaders can learn, grow, transform and be a part of an evolving legacy.

1. Conscious & Compassionate being

To believe, behave & become

In a world that is increasingly turning individualistic and divided by multitude of reasons, compassion becomes essential. We focus on how individuals move to a conscious and purposeful state of living focusing on self -awareness. Imparting the essence of compassion, the emphasis is on the individual – how one can transcend beyond the individual self to be compassionate to the others.

2. Agile Leadership

Championing change & flux for business excellence

Today’s world challenges leaders to be agile in order to constantly champion change and flux. It is this relentless pursuit of business excellence in an environment of constant change and disruption that is discussed here. From situations of business disruptions to those of conflict and attack, leaders share their experiences of displaying fluid yet determined leadership.

3. Co-creating Emancipation

Unleashing true potential for collective autonomy

Emancipation is the process of being set free from legal, social or political restrictions. In the true sense, it is about liberation. In the context of Transcendence, we aspire to capture the essence of emancipation both of employees & individuals. Experts from the social, organisational and the entrepreneurial worlds share their experiences of truly emancipating people/ workforce – where work becomes a purpose of life and life Integrates with the work of the individual.

4. Transforming Lives

Reaching newer paradigms for a better tomorrow.

The second theme encompasses the conscious & compassionate being who contributes to a transformed collective unit – of an organization and the society at large. We explore how it is that individuals, teams, organisations & society are reaching newer paradigms for a better tomorrow. Leaders of organisations striving towards creating inclusive environments to those building skills at the grass root level present their stories of making meaningful impact.

5. Sustainable Systems

Designing systems that last

Clearly the biggest challenge facing organizations & countries today is the availability of resources – from natural resources to human resources, as they are a limited pool. This topic focuses on how organisations & countries could build systems that can sustain. As organisations are exploring alternative methods of design that expand their talent pool, we probe to understand how systems can be designed on principles of sustainability.