2 days experience: 23rd June & 24th June 2017

Transcendence ’17 is going to facilitate a much required dialogue among different stakeholders, disseminate the resulting collaborative knowledge, develop new partnerships and evolve ideas for concrete action. Our purpose is to create a synergetic platform to explore possibilities, co-create ideas and ‘transcend’ in the OD space. We aim to host a forum conducive to bring forth cutting edge ideas and raise various possibilities for what lies ‘next’, in different sectors.
The intention of the conference therefore is to transcend to truly transform.

The program aims to differentiate itself by foregrounding the Indian cultural and intellectual ethos in OD practice and thought. Moreover, keeping true to its title, the conference wishes to showcase the transformative work undertaken by Indian organizations, across sectors. Along with the industry, it desires to capture and highlight the work of the unsung heroes of the social sector, bringing transformative changes in rural/ marginalized segments of the country. For OD professionals striving to pursue OD purpose and values in any field, the conference would be a platform to display their most challenging transformative work.

This will be the first of the series of annual conferences where current & future leaders can learn, grow, transform and be a part of an evolving legacy.