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The Centre for Social and Organisational Leadership (C SOL) at TISS will organise Transcendence 2018, the Organisation Development, Change & Leadership Conference at the TISS Convention centre on – 31st August & 1st September 2018!

It is time to ‘transcend’ our internal and external physical and mental barriers, to transform and take flight. We aspire to affirm our firm roots as well as our future vision in the process of acknowledging, highlighting and celebrating the full spectrum of colours in the space of Organisation Development and Change. The full spectrum of colours also connects to the range of seven chakras that signify a wholesome energy ecosystem. Our logo reflects the soul of our endeavour.

Introducing the first glimpses of #TISSODCONF18 – TRANSCENDENCE – the first of its kind OD, Change & Leadership conference. Be a delegate!

Further Details Coming Soon! Stay Tuned!

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A TISS – C SOL Initiative

Centre for Social and Organisational Leadership (C SOL) at Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) is committed to continuously advance the global and local thinking and practice of Organisation Development (OD), Change and Leadership.  It recognizes the growing need to nurture and prepare individuals  to handle complex challenges related to the change and development agenda in organisations.

C SOL has been anchoring an Executive Post Graduate Diploma course in OD and Change (EPGDODC) is offered from Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Pune & Hyderabad for experienced professionals from diverse industries across India. In addition, Organisation Development, Change and Leadership (ODCL) a full time Masters in ODCL is offered from both Mumbai and Hyderabad Campuses.

Apart from the formal  curriculum, platforms such as odX, virtual collaboration programmes, coaching and many other activities have been created as student initiatives at C SOL to spread greater awareness and continuous learning for OD professionals for years to come.

While  educating  participants in OD & change, C SOL also intends to contribute to the development of the OD & Change discipline as a whole. Transcendence – the  annual OD and Change Conference – is a positive step to contribute to this objective.

Our Purpose

To create a platform exploring the new/ emergent paradigms of OD, Change and Leadership (ODCL) through showcasing transformative efforts accomplished by organizations & communities.

Our Objective

To evolve into an OD, Change and Leadership (ODCL) think-tank that brings forth optimal solutions to contemporary challenges that both organizations & communities may be faced with.

Our Values

The idea of Transcendence germinates from the below listed core values that evolve from the individual to the society

  • Centered around OD Values: With an objective to be the Think Tank of OD & Change Management, we remain committed to the 9 core values of the field of Organisation Development
  • Transformative in nature: Promote work that is transformative in nature; that has redefined and challenged the status quo and established a new standard
  • Social Impact: Work that impacts lives at grass roots level is valuable to us because Transcendence believes in going beyond the self to make meaningful impact
  • Future Focused: A keen eye for not what is, but what can be, is what we look through – transcending beyond the here & now and defining the prospects of the future of work, of organisations and societies at large
  • Eastern Focus: We value the richness of the ancient Eastern philosophy and strive to learn from the relevance of its teachings

About our Logo

We believe it’s time to transcend our internal and external physical and mental barriers in order to transform and take flight; to rise above and move beyond what is and highlight the full spectrum of colours in the space of OD & Change.

Don’t just change, TRANSFORM! Don’t just rise, TRANSCEND!!

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